Loading equipment

Dock levellers, dock shelters, dock houses, loading ramps.


PoweRamp 232NG is the newest generation electro hydraulic dock leveller including hinged swing lip. The platform top as well as the lip is powered hydraulically.


The PoweRamp 232NG is operated with only one push button. By keeping the push button pressed, the platform will go up from its resting position, when the highest point is reached, the lip will swing out. When the push button is released, the platform and lip will descend automatically to the level of the vehicle bed.

During loading and unloading, each up and down (suspension) movement of the vehicle is automatically followed. After the loading or unloading process, the push button is pushed in continuously to bring the system back into the rest position.

The PoweRamp 232NG is also suitable to load or unload so-called ‘last cargo’ below the dock level.


Platform and lip are made of high-quality durbar plate:

  • Platform: Durbar plate 6/8, S235JRG2
  • Lip: Durbar plate 12/14, S355J2G3.


If required the PoweRamp 232NG can be delivered tailor-made. However our standard models with a construction height of 600 mm are already available in a large range of platform dimensions.


The PoweRamp 232NG is CE marked. The Loading Systems dock levellers are in accordance with all safety aspects of the European standard EN 1398. The standard load capacity, which is 60 kN (axle load) is designed on a minimum surface contact per wheel of 150 x 150 mm and a maximum gradient of the platform top of 12.5 percent, in accordance with the European standard EN 1398.

Technical Specifications

Standards CE marking

Capacity (EN 1398) 60 kN

Construction height 600 mm

Lip length 400 mm

Lip angle (ca. 4°) 45 mm

Motor 0,75 kW

Power supply 3 phase, neutral and earth / 400 V

PoweRamp 233NG is the newest generation electro hydraulic dock leveller including sliding (telescopic) lip. The platform top as well as the lip is driven hydraulically.



Powershelter 403NG

The PowerShelter 403M is a dock shelter which uses a sturdy curtain made from durable material for the closing of the area between the opening of the warehouse and the docked vehicle.

Powershelter 407NG

The Inflatable Dock Shelter 407NG is the most efficient and durable sealant for a loading / unloading platform. Due to the accordion design of the cushion, an optimal seal is created. This is why the Dock Shelter 407NG is specifically used in situations, where there are large differences between the internal and external temperatures. For instance, in air-conditioned or refrigerated storage areas.


The blower motor is easily operated by means of a single push button on the control box. As soon as a vehicle is docked within the dock shelter, the blower motor can be activated and within 30 seconds the area between the door opening and the vehicle is sealed.


The cushions are made of polyester Trevira fabric with a dull PVC coating on both sides. The contact surface with the vehicle has been carried out in 900 gr/m2, the remaining parts in 600 gr/m2. The accordion designed cushions fold up nicely.

The Dock Shelter 407NG comes with corner sealing elements with foam core as a standard. These are adaptable to the depth of the bumpers, together with the side cushions. Optionally inflatable corner seals integrated into the side cushions are available.

The protection strips, made of 3000 gr/m2 two-layer polyester fabric, are flexible in the length and stable in the width. On both sides wear-resistant, hard, antistatic, dull PVC coating is applied.

The front projection model is based on a fixed frame made of scratch and impact resistant insulated panels (with high insulation value 0,029 W/mK) and anodized, extruded aluminium profiles. This gives a beautiful, high-quality appearance.